“Releasing The False Linear Time Reality To Manifest on the New Earth”



A lot of my channelled information comes through the asking of questions. This information came through in response to my asking how does the element of time relate to manifestation in the 5th dimensional plane of consciousness?  

First, you must clearly declare for your desired manifestation to be directed onto this new rising Earth of the Heavens plane and not just any Earth plane. The new rising Earth of the Heavens that has been divinely orchestrated by Heaven for mankind to evolve into the next higher state of existence comes with new ways of learning how to co-create. Many of you are ready to begin learning these new principles of Light to co-manifest with Heaven the new structures of support that provide equality of all human needs to be met. There are no imbalances of energy on the 5th dimensional plane of consciousness. Each person must learn to co-create from their “still-point” of Creation abiding by the Law of Creation. It can be no other way. All must come to realize that the future new Heaven on Earth is a mass undertaking of cosmic proportions unfolding each new chapter of activities. There is “no time” continuum attached to this unfolding of events for in Heaven there is “no time”.


This is important concept for all humans to begin to learn and understand because as a co-creator you must release all expectations around the concept of time, for time does not exist in the 5th dimensional state of consciousness. As master manifestors, with Source upon the new Earth of the Heavens your charge is to “let go of all” perception of linear time now.” Release your need to know from a mental perspective and trust in the divine flow of Mother-Father God to manifest all in heavenly perfection.  All creation flows in perfect harmony for it can not be any other way. Time is circular not linear. The concept of time being linear is a distorted reality that kept humans from evolving into higher realms of consciousness. Change your habit of linear time through being fully present with true reality moment to moment. Be open to receive the energies as they present themselves through you as a “conduit of Light” upon this New Earth. Open your heart as a conduit for the Divine Flow to manifest it’s creations through you. Pay attention to what is showing up in your mind, your thoughts, your dreams and your increasing synchronistic events. Shift your inner focus and gaze to align with your Higher Self vision.

As you come into alignment you will be shown visions of creations to manifest on the new Heaven on Earth plane. Align your intentions to collaborate with these new creations that want to manifest through you. Ask for daily guidance. Ask what action can I take today to align myself with my Higher Self desired manifestation? Follow your inner guidance. This is important to trust your inner voice and your heart to lead you forward with all your co-creations.


How will I know what inner guidance to follow? You will know through your experience such as; a lightness of being, the upliftment in your energy field, the smile on your face, the peace in your heart, the feeling of Joy in your every step.  Follow this guidance in everything you do, every day and you cannot get it wrong, because there is no separation in Unity consciousness. Even your dualistic nature can co-exist within Unity consciousness as you learn to release your concept of linear time all remaining separation energies naturally fall away and dissolve all levels of perceived separation that never actually existed. Your human perception then continues to shift into a greater awareness of the one true Universal Source realty. As your true soul nature expands, your perception changes, your 3rd eye opens to see beyond your false linear time reality.


Have our manifestations on Earth plane been stifled by this concept of linear time? Yes, that is correct because this concept of linear time creates separation consciousness in your mind throwing you out of “alignment” with true Unity consciousness.  It creates a false illusion of separation within you that doesn’t really exist because the Universe is always changing, growing and expanding into more. This false concept of time has kept humankind locked in a false matrix of reality “appearing to be seperate from Source”, a total illusion.  


What was the false matrix of time created for? For the great Earth experiment to allow free will play within the 3rd dimension of time and space for exploration by Source into the dense world of form. This 3rd dimensional time matrix creation was not an “error” and was created by  the Divine Source. This was only an evolutionary phase of the Earth as she moved through separation consciousness creating the temporary container for experimental sequences to be played out in the world of cause and effect.

You can equate this scenario to a fish living in a glass bowl. It’s only known physical reality is the glass bowl itself. It also requires a source of water to live and therefore cannot leave the glass bowl of water or it will not survive, or so it believes based on it’s perceived physical limitation.  Humans have been living in a similar fishbowl experience on planet Earth in this physical plane of limited consciousness. It was this concept of linear time-space that kept us from evolving beyond our perceived physical limitation of the 3rd dimensional plane of consciousness. In a sense humankind has been “frozen in a false time space reality” of limited consciousness disconnected from the true source of reality and our galactic connection to All That Is.


Channeled by Laura Hosford


All rights reserved – you may share this article intact without modifications and with full credit given to Laura Hosford. Sept 7, 2018


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