Holy Womb Grail Circle: Sacred Womb Activation Journey of the Maiden

Sacred Womb Activation Course - 12 Week Live Online Course

Activate Your Womb Chakra Power!

13-Week Sacred Womb Activation Course

  • This course is for feminine mystic souls or anyone who feel a deep inner calling to understand the “womb grail mysteries.”
  • Embrace your identity as a sacred wise woman and a vessel of divine light.
  • Learn dynamic techniques for discerning the messages of your holy womb chakra and receive her divine guidance, healing wisdom and empowerment.
  • Activate and heal deep layers of shadow, trauma and distorted energies to awaken your womb powers of love, intimacy and feminine creative flow.

What is womb healing?

Womb healing is a profound tool for healing ancestral trauma and activating the divine crystalline holy grail of all creation. This activation course was designed specifically at this time as a complete initiation process to awaken the feminine power hidden within your holy womb chakra center, and to provide you with tools for protection and healing of this sacred space.

Over twelve weeks, you will learn sacred teachings and womb healing techniques for healing ancestral trauma. The Magdalene Rose Lineage has acted as guardian protector of these sacred tools for thousands of years. They have now begun to re-emerge as humanity is prepared to receive the activations held within them. Transmission of these mysteries is now required for the healing of the divine feminine within each of us and within the collective soul.

Now is the time for releasing distortions that were imprinted on the divine feminine soul by millenia of unbalanced and unchecked patriarchal domination. Learn how to call back lost parts of the feminine soul and heal the deep roots of ancestral trauma. Explore the wellspring of wisdom and knowledge encoded in your ancestral roots to renew the broken pieces of our world, and gain skills for the spiritual protection of this precious gift. Manifest blessings and creations that are bathed in the love and healing energy of the divine mother.

Female uterus and ovary image

Connect to the Earth and the Divine Feminine

When we are disconnected from the earth, her ways, and her powers we are actually disconnected within ourselves to something that is equally as powerful.  

You can begin to powerfully heal the disconnect within yourself to regain your Divine Feminine powers!

When we begin to connect our roots deep within to Mother Earth this is where we can find the deeper layers of healing we are searching for. The true alignment with the New Earth is found through the re-rooting of not only your mind and heart but your womb and physical body!

I have experienced this reconnection with Mother Earth myself over the last few years through the Journey of my own Womb Awakening.  A journey that begin for me in the South of France in the summer of 2017.  As I was meditating in a very ancient cave in Rennes le Chateau, France I experienced the healing powers of the Elemental Spirits through reconnection with the Divine Feminine. 

This experience changed my life forever as I was awakened that day to begin a new deeper journey to not only awaken my own inner Divine Feminine connection to the Goddess again so I could finally fully heal myself and return to inner balance and wholeness in all my energy bodies.

And now Mother Gaia Goddess has guided me to re-root into a new physical location in Sedona, AZ. Why here in the high desert of Arizona you might ask? Well because there is a very powerful vortex of Divine Feminine energy here.  These “red rocks” are some of the oldest in the world. 

In the short time, I have been here the re-rooting of my womb chakra with the womb of Mother Gaia Goddess has begun to restore my body and soul into more alignment with the New Earth vibration!

The new deeper energies of the divine feminine are flowing bringing in more abundance, joy, beauty and creativity! Not to mention the physical healing I am receiving for my body deva which has been such a huge blessing!

So, beloved soul are you ready to begin a new journey to re-root into more of your Goddess Self?

To awaken your deepest connection of LOVE with Mother Gaia Goddess. To live in more of your natural divine feminine flow so you can embody your Goddess Self again and live in more harmony and peace.

Perhaps take a moment to pause and just ask yourself what do I feel inside? What does my heart say? 

Your womb chakra is your true seat of CONSCIOUSNESS. This is why reconnecting with your womb chakra is so key to your ability to not only fully heal yourself but move into your full manifestation powers as a creator of the New Earth. 

So, if you’re ready to begin your descent into your most powerful and creative portal, then why not join me for my new 13-week class to teach you Sacred Womb Awakening practices. This is my newest class based on my own womb journey and learning the ancient technologies of the Holy Womb Chakra.

Our next Womb Journey is 2024

Activations and Healing tools you will receive in this course:

  • Opening sacred womb ceremony and orientation.
  • Awakening your three feminine centers of power.
  • Listening to and hearing your womb’s “herstory” for deep healing.
  • Accessing the celestial light that resides within your womb chakra.
  • Ancestral womb healing ceremony to heal the mother lineage.
  • Releasing masculine imprints from the womb and reconnection with divine/healed masculine.
  • Healing the distorted feminine and calling back your soul light.
  • Anchoring in new sacred boundaries and releasing invasion energies and patterns.
  • Release of entanglement and co-dependency bonds.
  • Ceremony to meet your inner sacred wise woman for guidance, healing and wisdom.
  • Using your womb power to birth divine creations into the new earth.
  • Opening your heart-womb-earth connection to create more abundance and joy.·

During this four month live online course, I will be teaching you how to heal your Womb so that you can connect with her intuitive wisdom and sacred feminine power!

More than ever, Divine Mother is calling us to embrace the hidden healing powers of our holy womb chakra. Learn powerful practices and tools you can use to heal and awaken your feminine power again. This womb technology has been repressed for thousands of years to keep it safe until humanity was ready to receive its knowledge and power.  

Do you feel the deep inner calling of Divine Mother? Calling you to embrace the “womb grail mysteries” that have been kept alive through the Magdalene Rose lineage?

This is your time to rise and shine – fully embracing your sacred feminine womb powers. Become the change agent you came here to be!

Will you be joining us? Are you ready to take back more of your divine feminine power?


Limited to 12 beautiful women ready to take their womb power back!

Sacred Sisters Course Feedback

“Dearest Laura, Deep gratitude for what you did bring forward in the 12 week Activating Womb course. Your holding sacred space, allowing for everyone to unfold in this new experience, opened up a new paradigm for me: New Connection to my body from my Awareness of Sacred Feminine in the womb to my whole body, heart, throat and third eye. This wholeness in expansion as in contraction was connected to the womb of mother Earth and to the womb of the Universe, a magnificent experience! I further discovered that I was missing awareness in my Divine Masculine. I deeply bow to you to your open heart, your immense wisdom, and oracle capacities. Thank you for being such an available teacher, so much value in that. There’s quality in depth for yourself and your students. So much love and gratitude for having been in your 12 Week Womb Activation & Healing class.” 
~ Maud
“Dear Laura, I want to thank you for your awesome womb retreat and the wonderful session with you. Your information was touching and comforting!”
~ Casimera
“Dear Beloved Laura, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this great an super powerful retreat. Even if I can’t be present I enjoy all the teachings and meditations. What a present that you’re teaching us. Thank you so much! You are a gift for the world. I am looking forward to the next retreats and the private 1:1 session! Many greetings from Berlin, Germany.”
~ Ilana Rabin
“Dear Laura, Your Womb Activation Course helped me to increase my self-awareness, experience the healing processes/meditations and connecting with my womb, and greater awareness/mental understanding of issues held in my Womb space. This course also helped me see/identify/begin to understand/heal harmful codependency pattern I have had my entire life. It helped me learn that when I am being overtaken with anxiety, I can choose to support myself. It also helped me learn that I can take
care of myself, choose for myself, and not apologize for it. Thank you!”
~ Arleen H.
Laura Maven Star’s work is unique and rare. She is able to respond so gracefully and sensitively to each and every person to help them feel seen, heard and empowered. From energy updates, to healing modalities and sacred wisdom, the classes and events are rich in providing something for each of us, and it always seems to me, just at the right time. The respect and kindness Laura shows for each of us is beyond any I have seen in other mentors. She also has the courage to delve into matters that I have not seen done in other spiritual courses and sessions, especially with regard to sacred sexuality and our divine sovereignty. -Maria
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