Mary Sophia Rose Temple Arts Circle

Sacred Mystery School Offerings
for Women On The Priestess Pathway

These advanced classes are designed to help you master your spiritual awakening process with emotional healing rituals, tools and exercises to facilitate your unique divine gifts discernment.

Delve deeper into your divine feminine traits and discover your priestess archetype.

We meet you right where you are on your soul path and facilitate an exciting journey of self-discovery where you will move through spiritual awakening anxiety and into your divine purpose and mission. As you recover the hidden keys to spiritual growth you will begin to more fully embody your authentic radiant soul essence and rise to your highest potential!


In this women’s circle of sacred sisterhood we will deep dive into the teachings of Mary Magdalene, our highest and most venerated human representation of the feminine Christ consciousness. As a devout ambassador of God, she taught that the human body itself is the holy grail, a vessel designed to channel the essence of divinity.

She knew there would be a Golden Age in human evolution where her sacred teachings would come to be an integral part of the rebirthing of divine feminine wisdom on the planet. That age is now upon us. It is time for humanity to embrace her teachings for the healing of our ancestral wounds and renewal of the sacred union of divine feminine and divine masculine forces.

All women who feel called to the path of Mary Magdalene and the Sophia Dragon Teachings are here to assume the responsibility and honor of birthing the wisdom of the crystalline chalice through the gateway of an open heart and the portal of the sacred womb.

Within the Mary Sophia Rose Temple you will:

  • Receive high frequency healing codes and sacred teachings
  • Transmissions and soul activations to awaken and amplify your feminine power
  • Learn how to balance feminine and masculine energy
  • How to use the healing codes of Mary Magdalene
  • Expand Your Dragon Sophia Rose Priestess Light
  • Healing your DNA and 12 chakra centers
  • Rebirth of your feminine Christ consciousness and the ability to get deeply acquainted with your inner goddess of celestial light
Magdalene Red Rose Circle

Mary Sophia Rose Temple Arts Circle

  • Take your inner Goddess activation journey to the next level!
  • Go deeper into the sacred wild feminine. Become acquainted with your body as a holy grail or sacred vessel for the transmutation of angelic light.
  • Learn how to heal wounded feminine energy and step more fully into the embodiment of your feminine Christ consciousness.

Sophia Rose Sisterhood

Sisterhood of Sophia Rose Circle


The Sisterhood of the Rose has been in existence for tens of thousands of years since the time of Atlantis when priestess women gathered to invoke the Goddess, Sophia. It was also prevalent in ancient Egypt, Crete and Sumeria, and has been associated with the Cathars, Templars, and other secret societies. Most recently, the secrets of this sacred sisterhood were seemingly passed down from the Essenes (specifically, the sect of Essenes which held Mother Mary in high regard).

The rose is the sacred symbol of Goddess energy, and Sophia represents the wisdom aspect of the Goddess. For this reason, members of the Sophia Rose Sisterhood are known as wisdom keepers.

(Other names for Sophia include: earth mother, divine mother, divine messenger, nature Goddess and black Madonna).

The Sisterhood today acts as a major custodian of sacred wisdom. The purpose of this ancient circle is to employ the energies of Sophic wisdom as a tool for balancing the male and female aspects of the Godhead through rituals and ceremonies that invoke the qualities of the divine feminine archetype.

At this time in history, women who feel a resonance with divine feminine wisdom and the spirits of nature are being called to reconnect with their ancient roots and lift a heartfelt collective prayer to the divine mother to heal all kingdoms of planet Earth.

Because the masculine aspect has been the overarching influence in the world we live in, we are in dire spiritual need of balancing that force with the sacred divine feminine.

The secrets of the Sisterhood of the Sophia Rose are needed for this action. While the divine feminine qualities are a major part of what is necessary for this balancing to take place, it also requires integration with the healed divine masculine. The purpose of The Sisterhood of the Sophia Rose Circle is to facilitate this process.

Sophia brings the nurturing quality of love with compassion, while the divine masculine provides the courage and fearlessness that must come into play in the unfolding planetary evolution. Love has to be fierce in order to dissolve the matrix of patriarchal dominance that has enveloped our planet, and to bring the two faces of divinity back into balance with one another.

Join The Mary Sophia Rose Temple Arts Sisterhood and transform your spiritual awakening anxiety into spiritual empowerment!

  • Join a sisterhood of women who seek to resurrect the divine energies of nature’s wisdom and set in motion a powerful wave of healing light across the planet.
  • Reclaim your ancient roots from deep within the sacred heart of mother Earth.
  • Experience an angelic Goddess awakening.
  • Become an active participant in reactivating the feminine face of God in a world undergoing a major evolutionary shift in consciousness.

The heart of humanity is crying out for healing. This collective cry rises as a prayer into the celestial realms.

The Goddess hears this prayer and emerges as a divine guide for this unfolding process, bringing forth lights of wisdom and compassion.

In the sacred Goddess circle, we will come together to learn: 

  • How to synergize the forces of masculine power and strength with feminine energies of compassion and love. 
  • Specialized rituals and ceremonies, meditations and heartfelt prayer focused on bringing authentic health and harmony to all beings on our mother planet. 
  • Co-create a sacred space where these energies can guide our actions and our intentions. 
  • Learn how to become a bridge between Heaven and Earth that invites and anchors celestial light and central sun wisdom in a dance of balance and harmony on the earth plane. 
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