Get Your Goddess Groove On Community
Are you hungry for spiritual nourishment, compassionate connection and feminine empowerment?

You are not alone!

Now more than ever, it is time for women to step into the fullest expression of their divine feminine truth. It’s why so many of us, like YOU, are awakening to a desire to embrace and embody their truest, deepest self. The divine feminine soul is longing to connect with her original roots of feminine wisdom, sacred knowledge, and heart medicine, and to bring healing, love-light to a broken society.

This is a place where women of all cultures, nations, and walks of life can join together in support and compassionate encouragement. It is a safe and loving environment where we can empower and heal one another as we walk together on a path of spiritual awakening. Here, there is no judgment or fear… just a place where you can give and receive strength, understanding, comfort, wisdom and love.

I was inspired by Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene to create this sacred heart space as a free gift for anyone seeking an authentic connection with other women who are ready to come into their own expression of feminine wisdom. I invite you to join our community. Bring your radiant soul to this divine sisterhood circle just as you are. Collaborate, share, grow, laugh, cry, hope, and dream the dream of your highest selves together.

Together, we can move mountains!

The Big Vision

The virtual Goddess Temple is a place where all women seeking spiritual growth and emotional healing can come together in community and fellowship to amplify our feminine power. 

Did you know that women’s groups have been a source of strength and wisdom throughout human history? It’s true. Our ancestors knew that women are stronger when we can collaborate together.

This temple aims to provide a sacred space where we can activate our innate spiritual gifts and foster the development of our divine femine qualities… where true heart connections can blossom, and compassion for ourselves and others can grow. 

The world is ripe for the healing that connected, empowered women can bring.  Let us become international allies. Together we will reach for our highest potential and bless the world through our sacred connection!


So Many Benefits in our free community for you! We will…

  • Find a tribe of like-minded soul sisters.
  • Find peace in the chaos.
  • Shift our consciousness to higher levels.
  • Explore and share our innate wisdom.
  • Find acceptance, peace and clarity.
  • Benefit from the wisdom and encouragement of others.
  • Expand our spiritual empowerment.
  • Become more acquainted with our inner voice.
  • Develop our divine feminine traits.
  • Discover our collective sacred heart.
  • Discover new keys to spiritual growth.
  • Build confidence through authentic connections.
  • Enjoy access to fresh, new perspectives.
  • Share our spiritual awakening process.
  • Heal emotional wounds.
  • Learn to live in grace.
  • Discover the rewards of divine sisterhood.
  • Community Healing Events & Sacred Circles

Join us!

Participate as often or as seldom as you like. We are here when you need us.
It’s a snap to join the “Get Your Goddess Groove On” Community. No cost! 
Join us to activate your Goddess Self and be the sacred rebel you came here to be!

Community Feedback

“Bringing light and increasing consciousness about the sacred feminine, Laura Hosford and her creative community empowers women and raises the focus for all to make the world a place of true connection, inspiration and well-being. A leader through grace and sensitivity, and an amazing communicator, she leads by example and through her many endeavours. Maria F
I have been a member of the Magdalene Red Rose Circle since the beginning and I cannot rate the circle high enough. Being part of the circle feels like I am lying on a soft bed of pink feathers, completely supported by this sparkly pink divine feminine energy, where there is only love and light. This is a spiritual community like no other; it is heart-led, with many opportunities for members to grow in their own way and explore wisdom and truth in a safe haven, without judgement. Laura is multi-talented as a spiritual teacher, seamlessly combining channelling, healing, practical advice, ceremony, prayers, music, astrology and guidance. I am in gratitude for the warmth and genuine space I have been given to be myself in the Magdalene Red Rose Circle and am excited for the next chapter to unfold. Bonnie, Hertfordshire, UK
I have been on a journey lead by my I Am for an ascension guide who could connect me to the Divine Feminine since 2018.  I’ve work with more teacher who have connect me to the Christ energy Divine Masculine “Jesus Christ” then the Divine Feminine “Sophia”. Laura has help me to connect to my inner Sophia! With the help of her healing process and activation of the womb. Learning about the sacral or womb has shown me how to activate the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine aspect.  Which intern served me in preparation for the Cosmic Mother energy coming in now.  If you are ready even if you are not ready she will  lend a hand to your creativity. I highly recommend her. Cassandra, California
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