Holy Womb Grail Circle Journey Level II

Imagine opening the portal of awareness to the Cosmic Gateways that are carrying the Mother of Dragons Frequencies… you can partake in setting the foundation of the New Earth!

Reclaim Your Heart-Womb Holy Grail Powers of Love & Wisdom

Embark on a 4-month miracle oracle medicine container to reclaim your sovereign womb powers, heal your sacred sexuality, restore your virgin womb light codes, and activate the original creation Christos-Sophia divine blueprint.

Opening Ceremony on August 16th, 2023

Our mission that we’ll embark on together … remember and return to the Universal Divine Mother Cosmic Consciousness

Dear Sister Soul,

During this new 4-month grail womb journey, we will journey with the consciousness of Mother Mary & Mary Magdalene, and together we will be guiding us back to heal and activate our Holy Womb-Heart stargate field of love. The intention is to allow us to reclaim our feminine wisdom and sacred powers of love fully!

More than ever, Divine Mother is calling us to embrace the hidden healing powers of our holy womb chakra. Learn powerful practices and tools to heal and awaken your feminine power of love again.

This womb technology has been repressed for thousands of years to keep it safe until humanity was ready to receive its knowledge and power.

Do you feel the deep inner calling of the Divine Mother? Calling you to embrace the “womb grail mysteries” kept alive through the Isis-Sophia Mary Magdalene Rose lineage?

This is your time sister-soul to rise and shine your Priestess light fully embracing your sacred feminine womb powers. Become the holy vessel of love you came here to be! Your Womb Chakra is your most powerful portal for activating your soul mission and creating the garden of your heart’s desires. It is an ancient technology that holds the key to liberating your womb power to create miracles in your life!

This is a gift that Divine Mother Sophia is bringing into our consciousness because now we are ready to handle more divine feminine flow and creative power.

Womb Love & Blessings,

– Laura Maven Star

The lost wisdom…

The Celtic Church was the spiritual head of the Cosmic Christos Dragon teachings, teachings that went underground; those that were a part of this include the Celtic-Druidic lines.

The Mother of Dragons is the original Isis-Mary or the Master Christos Collective and Oraphim that protect the Law of One.

The Cosmic Christos Dragon Teachings are the esoteric mystery school teachings originally sourcing from the Emerald Founder Records that were being protected by the ancient Celtic Church… the Christos Mission teams brought their knowledge of the Cosmic Christos Dragon Teachings.

The Dragon and The Womb

Dragons have played a part in the history of the world since the beginning. We see them appearing in many ancient traditions as purely mythic creatures but also as living beings. They have appeared in the Hindu and Buddhist teachings regarded very highly as guardians and keepers of secret knowledge. In Avalon times, Merlin and Arthur Pendragon worked with these guardians to bring peace, justice, prosperity and reconciliation between humans, the earth, elemental and heavenly forces. Later in the Christian tradition grew to fear these beings and the unbridled, feminine energies they represented. Pagan nature worshipers, druids, priestesses, and anything associated with the divine feminine, Earth and the dragons, was burned or buried in ongoing acts of repression. Dragons were left to exist only in legends and stories until humanity was ready for their resurgence. That time is now. Our flow of life, abundance, creativity, and freedom are connected to working with these dragon energies in a conscious way. Shakti is also dragon power. It is through our conscious connection to the dragon energies, that our lightbodies can be fully grounded into the physical dimension. The return of the Divine Feminine is linked to the acknowledgement of our inner Dragon energies held within our human body (DNA), our lightbody (soul) and Mother Earth (nature) can be connected and harmonized.

It is the completion of the spiral to come back around to the most ancient energies of creation, to our molecular roots so to speak, yet with a consciousness that allows us to move and expand into the next evolutionary phase: the next spiral. It is through our connection to the dragon energies becoming available once again that our Lightbodies can be fully grounded into the physical. This is why the dragons are resurfacing, and play such a crucial role at this time on the planet. They are the guardians of the deepest layers of density in the core of Gaia that hold the secrets to our ascension process.

Those who feel this call are the holders of the female mystics/seer line of the Mother of Dragons, and this lineage came into the incarnation of Mary Magdalene Sophia.

In the Level I Maiden Voyage womb series, the intention was to awaken and activate this hidden ( and previously forbidden) connection with your womb. The focus brought you into a new understanding and reunion with your most repressed source of feminine power.

In this Level II womb series, we’ll reconnect to the ancient mystery teachings of the Mother of Dragons lineage. We’ll focus on healing not only your own repressed feminine creative energies, Mother ancestry and the Collective Soul Tribe of all within the female mystics/seer line of the Mother of Dragons.

In this powerful and sacred journey, our collective group intention will heal the deeper codes hindered by our own personal trauma, ancestral and collective soul tribe trauma. In the times before, we had to shut our missions down, leaving us with loose ends and a lack of feeling complete deep inside.

This journey into this Level II will help us to further strengthen the balance of our inner Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies within our wombs!

In our 4-month transformational journey together, we will be exploring these foundational themes:

  • Opening Sacred Womb Ceremony & Overview of the Isis-Mary Sophia Dragon Bloodline Herstory
  • Creating Your Living Womb Mandala – Healing your Relationships
  • 1st Blood Womb Ceremony – honoring our sacred sexual creative power
  • Healing the Sacred Prostitute/Whore Wound to reclaim our full sacred sexual powers to create abundance
  • Healing Emotional/Physical womb trauma (modern medical procedures) abortions/miscarriages/labor/placenta/umbilical cord trauma/separation/birth trauma/anesthesia
  • Healing the Umbilical Cord and Placenta our first cord of connection and consciousness.
  • Learning how to harness the hidden power of your Moon/Womb cycles & Earth Elements
  • Opening your 4 inner feminine Gateways- Root/Sacral/Throat/Womb connection
  • Activate your inner dragon power to heal your 7 inner gateways of your Grail Womb, source of feminine creation with “cosmic feminine blacklight”
  • Galactic womb alignment expanding your Heart/Womb Gateway of Pure Love Power and Divine Connection to Source and Rebirth
  • Meet Your Inner Sacred Wise Woman Ceremony to receive guidance, healing and wisdom
  • Conscious birthing learn how to manifest with feminine and masculine energies to Birth Your Divine Creations of Love into the New Earth
  • Rose Womb Blessing & Activation Ceremony with Mother Mary & Mary Magdalene


Early Bird Price

Through August 9th
$ 900
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Class + Private Womb Oracle Session

$ 1027
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Single Payment Option

17% discount
$ 855

Special Bonus – Golden Temple Deep Feminine Healing The Womb Temple (Stargate Repair) workshop (value $222)

Your Heart Investment

Kicking off August 16th to November 29th, 2023

  • Option 1 – Early Bird Price Through Aug 9th- $900.00 (save $127)
  • Option 2 – Single Payment Option (save $172) – $855.00
  • Option 3 – Payment Plans: Please apply here 4 monthly payment of $188.00 (with deposit of $150) 6 monthly payments of $135.00 (with deposit of $150)

*Magdalene Red Rose Circle members ask for your discounted rate

About Your Teacher & Mentor, Laura Maven Star

Laura Hosford (also known as Laura Maven Star) is a Red Womb Priestess and an Emissary for Universal Divine Mother. As a leader and “midwife” in the birth of the New Earth template, her mission is anchored in inspiring and guiding women to fully embody and align with their Priestess Path while supporting the Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness global movement now emerging.

Laura’s priestess prayer for others stems from her own courageous transformation and alignment with her Womb Priestess mission and path. She wants to inspire others to have the courage to do the same as a Red Womb Priestess, Laura’s community, programs, and work is about guiding women back into trusting themselves to shine their priestess light into this world. She teaches women how to bring that light down to connect the Higher Mind to the Heart and anchoring into the womb.

Those of us that hear this ancient call came to preserve the sacred holy grail of life itself and to embody our soul magnificence which requires us to fully awaken from our long slumber and choose a higher pathway of living our truth as creator beings.
We must be willing to take heroic actions to heal, to become fully whole to activate our deeper truth, and empower ourselves as sovereign beings of Christ Consciousness. Time is not always our friend in our endeavors to bring in this light and awareness, so it requires each of us to question our beliefs and to open our eyes to truly see what is “hidden and suppressed” in the shadows of this world. Each soul must look into their heart and ask the deeper question, what is the truth? 

We will support each other as we regain our voices, bring back the coherence of our wombs and hearts, and create a sacred space together so that we can trust the calling of the priestess path (once again)

Will you be joining us?

Are you ready to take back more of your divine feminine power?

Limited to 12 beautiful women ready to take their dragon womb power back!

APPLY here for questions and registration

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