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Sacred Womb Activation Course

Holy Womb Grail Circle

12-Week Sacred Womb Activation Course
  • This course is for beginners who feel a deep inner calling to understand the “womb grail mysteries.” 
  • Embrace your identity as a sacred wise woman and a vessel of divine light. 
  • Learn dynamic techniques for discerning the messages of your holy womb chakra and receive her divine guidance, healing wisdom and empowerment.

Activate Your
Womb Chakra Power!

Holy Womb Grail Circle: 12-Week Sacred Womb Activation Course

What is womb healing?

Womb healing is a profound tool for healing ancestral trauma and activating the divine crystalline holy grail of all creation. This activation course was designed specifically at this time as a complete initiation process to awaken the feminine power hidden within your holy womb chakra center, and to provide you with tools for protection and healing of this sacred space.

Over twelve weeks, you will learn sacred teachings and womb healing techniques for healing ancestral trauma. The Magdalene Rose Lineage has acted as guardian protector of these sacred tools for thousands of years. They have now begun to re-emerge as humanity is prepared to receive the activations held within them. Transmission of these mysteries is now required for the healing of the divine feminine within each of us and within the collective soul.

Now is the time for releasing distortions that were imprinted on the divine feminine soul by millenia of unbalanced and unchecked patriarchal domination. Learn how to call back lost parts of the feminine soul and heal the deep roots of ancestral trauma. Explore the wellspring of wisdom and knowledge encoded in your ancestral roots to renew the broken pieces of our world, and gain skills for spiritual protection of this precious gift. Manifest blessings and creations that are bathed in the love and healing energy of the divine mother.

Activations and Healing tools you will receive in this course:

  • Opening sacred womb ceremony and orientation.
  • Awakening your three feminine centers of power.
  • Listening to and hearing your womb’s “herstory” for deep healing.
  • Accessing the celestial light that resides within your womb chakra.
  • Ancestral womb healing ceremony to heal the mother lineage.
  • Releasing masculine imprints from the womb and reconnection with divine/healed masculine.
  • Healing the distorted feminine and calling back your soul light.
  • Anchoring in new sacred boundaries and releasing invasion energies and patterns.
  • Release of entanglement and co-dependency bonds.
  • Ceremony to meet your inner sacred wise woman for guidance, healing and wisdom.
  • Using your womb power to birth divine creations into the new earth.
  • Opening your heart-womb-earth connection to create more abundance and joy.·

Akashic Records Earth Angel Course

In this Akashic journey experience the alignment of your Heart-Soul-Womb Embodiment with the rising New Earth. Dive deep into the heart of your Akashic Records transforming and transmuting any out of alignment frequencies so you can fully embody the New Earth vibration of Unity Consciousness. Activate your DNA Ascension Codes of Love Consciousness. Activate your Grail Chalice of Love embodiment. Birth Your Divine Sophia Christ Consciousness Into Form Through the power of your Magikal Wombody.

Akashic Records Earth Angel Course

A Soul Journey To Embody Your New Earth Christ Consciousness

Overview and Understanding Your Soul Hierarchy & Ascension Journey To Wholeness.

Aligning your Soul/Team/Womb with your Divine Soul Blueprint

Activating your DNA Mastery and 5th Dimensional Consciousness

Activate your Magikal Wombody As Your Portal to Birth Your New Earth Unity Consciousness

Activating your Divine Sophia – Christ Consciousness Light Grid

9 Sacred Prayers of Light For The New Earth Angel Light Body

Activate your DNA Ascension Codes of Love Consciousness

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