Are You Ready to Swan Dive Into Your Priestess Role?

Receive Private SoulFULL Sessions To Embody Your Goddess

Laura Hosford Sacred Oracle for the Divine Feminine Rising

Sacred SoulFULL Sessions

Dive deep into the heart of your soul’s revolutionary path with a private channeled session with me.

Get real answers to pressing questions and experience a rekindling of your inner Goddess.

Ready to take it to the next level of mastery?

My new Angelic DNA Quantum Healing sessions are designed to activate your highest potential and expansion of embodied light.

Together we create powerful transformational results

Angelic DNA Quantum Lightbody Healing Sessions

Akashic Light Language Activations & Transmissions

Holy Womb Chakra Healing with Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene

Inner Child Healing, Past Life Regressions & Soul Aspect Retrieval

Ignite your Divine Soul Purpose & Blueprint Activations

Sacred Knowledge, Ancient Teachings & High Frequency Meditations

Sisterhood of the Rose Activation Ceremonies

Womb Awakening & Sacred Yoni Healing

In our work together we will weave into many sacred areas of your Soul, below is a list of some of the profound changes that one can experience with me: 

△ Deeply Heal Your Soul unblock and release past emotional wounds, abuse, inner child trauma, and past lives

△ Master the Emotional Realms traverse sadness, grief, anger, fear, heartbreak, loss, and dark nights of the soul

△ Heal the Divine Feminine and Masculine Within balance your emotions and manifest your destiny

△ Attract a Sacred Spiritual Relationship release blocks that prevent you from attracting a healthy Sacred Relationship

△ Ignite Your Wild Feminine Essence free your Divine Feminine Soul and awaken to more creativity and Divine purpose

△ Awaken Your Sacred Sexuality Within heal and unblock your sacral chakra and womb, release sexual blocks and heal sexual relationships, intimacy, past experiences and awaken you to your full Sacred Sexual power

△ Awaken Priestess Sovereignty receive Divine Feminine healings and activations guided by Ascended Masters Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, and the Sisterhood of the Rose to awaken your Priestess Essence within

△ Awaken to Your Unique Soul Essence activate your Soul’s Divine Blueprint to awaken your Spiritual Gifts, activate and align around your Soul purpose in this lifetime, and align

Sacred Personal 1:1 Sessions With Laura

Celestial Soul Oracle
Light Session

Are you ready for breakthroughs in your personal evolution?

Get the guidance, wisdom, skills, and support you seek to bring forth the Inner Angelic Goddess you know you came to be!

Awaken Your Inner Goddess!

Divine Feminine Womb Activation Session with Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene

1:1 Magdalene Priestess Activation Session where you can experience a powerful private Lightbody Healing and Magdalene Womb Blessing and Womb Healing to:

  • Awaken your Soul Gifts
  • Activate your Sacred Feminine Power
  • Embody your High Priestess Sovereignty

Activate Your Holy Womb Chakra!

Guided Angelic Mentoring Packages

Experience profound shifts in the most important areas of your life!

Unleash your inner Goddess power, find your authentic voice, and get clarity for your soul’s path.

Leap into your destiny!

Embody your Feminine Soul Light And Birth Your Heaven On Earth!​

In all sessions, I will open up a clear channel to directly connect with the Celestial Realms of Light to bring in your Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, Galactic Star Family, and access your Akashic Records.  

I use a sacred prayer process to create a safe and loving container for you to receive divine activations, attunements, transmissions and channelled messages. 

My sessions are divinely guided by your Higher Self and light team and are generally focused on what’s currently going on in your life at this moment.  I receive my messages in the form of symbols, words, whispers and visions. My messages are very accurate and crystal clear. I also channel Light Language, a form of quantum healing communication that is activated through my heart chakra and Higher Self. 

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