Now Entering Phase 2 of Planetary Ascension per Archangel Michael

Channeled by Laura Hosford on April 15, 2018

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Today I woke up feeling into the energy of the collective consciousness, the word “scattered” came up I found myself asking this question; how can I organize myself on a consistent pattern of riding these new waves of light frequencies? Archangel Michael came in with this information on the collective entering into phase 2 of our planetary ascension.

You build on these new wave patterns of light frequency to create momentum and flow for our new creations on Earth. Begin to work with these “triple wave” frequencies to create harmonic waves of light of support for your bio-energetic self. There are 3 different frequency waves of support.

Frequency wave #1 is using the Mother Earth harmonic wave pattern which grounds your body to the Earth of approximately 5 trillion cells work in unison in this light wave frequency of support for your physical body. Grounding into these new frequencies allows the physical human body to harmonize with the Earth’s core for stability in the ascension process.  This is very important for reaching upper levels of consciousness in the physical form. This wave runs horizontal to the body below the ground at the level of your earth star chakra.

Frequency wave #2 is for the Emotional Body support. The Emotional Body support depends on the harmony of this wave moving in and through the central channel of your heart. Harmonic frequencies moving in and through the heart chambers, pulse outward into your aura, expanding your magnetic fields into more levels of higher consciousness. Your zero point field (in the tiny space of the heart) is the portal of supreme power as you learn to process your higher mind thoughts through this hologram of creation, your own viscus pisus is the womb for your co-creations with Heaven as designated by your soul’s plan. Your Higher Self works in harmony with this wave to ensure your ability to co-create using the new light frequencies so they are maximized for full potential. This wave runs horizontal to the body at the level of your heart chakra, cross-sectioning with your zero-point field.

Frequency wave #3 are the Crystalline Rays of Source Creator and the new Diamond Light frequencies working in unison to harmonize your Divine Mind, your Sacred Mind center located in the middle of your brain. Your higher center of knowledge is activated upon the harmonizing of your sacred center.  The golden elixir flow of the sacred oil begins to descend into the body in a circular movement activating your 12 chakra system required to support your 12 strand DNA awakening into full potential powers. This wave runs horizontal to the body at the level of your 12th chakra.

When your light body is 44% activated, your Higher Self gives the instructions or commands to begin this next phase of your ascension process into phase II. This phase requires you to release any remaining density of trauma, held in the physical body to clear and dissolve from your cellular memory. This requires deep self reflection and openess to see, feel and experience what has been denied, repressed or hidden away.  Light warriors are ready to assist those who are ready to move into this stage. Your higher light teams of Ascended Masters, Star Councils and Angelic Kingdom are ready to assist your process for clearing out these remaining dense energies. Ask for our support, create your pyramid of light and surrender to the process. 

All is well! You are ready for this next stage of your evolutionary process!

I AM Archangel Michael

I then asked Archangel Michael some questions about this information.

Question: How does this Trinity wave get started?

Answer: It is activated when your light body reaches 44% of completion.

Question: Please give us more details on the releasing of trauma?

Answer: Ask your Higher Self to orchestrate this process when you feel ready. Your physical body must be strong to integrate these frequencies of light. Extra rest, sleep, exercise, taking vitamin/mineral supplements and eater a lighter diet (no gluten, or dairy) may be necessary. Ask your body deva to guide you on what it needs. It has it’s own intelligence and rhythmic flow. 

Question: How do I know when I am ready to start phase 2? 

Answer: Your Higher Self will begin the activation process through the releasing of your repressed trauma’s through your dream state. You may also experience these repressed cellular memories coming up in your  awareness in meditation or moments of relaxation. Either way works and depends on your natural flow for releasing. 

Channeled by Laura Hosford

Founder and Creatrix of Light Leaders Academy,

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  1. Thank you Laura for this information it was like a confirmation for me!… I just let the process run its course, releasing and absorbing these beautiful energies. I am deeply grateful for what you do for us all!…Love and Blessing to you my dear Friend and Sister!

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