Love Comes In Many Forms

Hello Earth Angels!

Today’s prayer circle message is on “Love comes in many forms” with Mother Mary.

Praying for you today with Mother Mary  here is her message for you today 

Dear Ones, we know that you have many challenges upon your Earth right now and are feeling pulled in many directions at once which may be draining you on a mental/emotional/physical/spiritual levels. We wish for you to know that with these new frequencies being delivered upon the New Earth now will bring swift changes to your current Earth reality. These changes are beginning to show up now in the collective consciousness as demonstrated through many grass-roots organizations are taking hold now to bring about the positive changes on many levels of your world structure. These organizations will lead the way of new positive changes in your food systems, government, financial and healthcare systems. Some structures will need complete overhaul and others only new guidelines put into place to operate with integrity and honesty. As these changes are implemented world wide your collective consciousness will begin to respond and awaken because they will feel the shift into more unity consciousness as the new 5D Earth Christ Consciousness grid is activated. It is important that you know Earth has reached the tipping point for a mass consciousness awakening now. This awakening will bring about the shift in your Earth physical structures very quickly as more of you anchor in these new light frequencies.

Trust that you are being held in the highest regard of unconditional love by all of us in the Higher realms of Light. We are with you every step of the way of this divine plan! Continue to focus on your own self-care of your mind, body and spirit through being gentle, loving and kind to yourself and everyone in your personal sphere. Lashing out in anger, going into denial or resistance will only bring you to more pain and suffering. If you are exhausted, tired or frustrated stop and bring your attention back to your heart center and breathe deeply inward asking for the Holy Spirit to fill you with divine love and peace. Ask and you shall receive. Sleep, rest, relax, be still and quiet to commune with Mother Sophia God. Allow her into your life to restore you back into more wholeness of well-being. It is time to resurrect your light body!

Go in peace dear ones and know that all is truly within divine order.

I am Mother Mary 

Channeled by Laura Hosford

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