November 2018 Akasha Energy Report

Channelled By Laura Hosford


As we enter this special and powerful month of mastery you may experience new levels of inner revelations as you are “initiated” into your new timeline of consciousness. As we turn inward to face any remaining core issues head-on we discover the deeper meaning and understanding that we have been searching for perhaps our entire lifetime.


This master month (11-11) brings us through a new doorway of grand opportunities through heightened awareness and clarity of mind providing us a new landscape to play in as the forerunners of the Ascension of the New Earth.


This month will bring about swift closures to previous timelines that are collapsing now within the collective consciousness. New timelines are emerging and rising within the collective for those who are ready to step into their new reality of inner peace and wholeness. Your Avatar Angelic Self is guiding you to integrate more of your soul fragments into alignment with your I AM source blueprint as activated by your pre-birth soul contract to support Gaia’s ascension.


This next phase that is opening your soul blueprint for closure of completed timelines gives rise to a new beginning within your new divine human experience. The Akashic Records will serve as an inner roadmap and source of reference as you walk into a new territory of Divine Humanness in the Unified Field of Consciousness that is rising within you.


The month of November 2018 brings in new energies of wholeness and more inner balance of the feminine and masculine energies. This merging of energies will continue into 2019, in preparation for the year of the Blessed Trinity, “3”, a union of the Divine Mother, Father and Child (human) consciousness alignment and full embodiment of the Christos Avatar Self.


This November gateway opens the portals for your Higher Self to bridge more of your unconsciousness into conscious union with your Divine Soul blueprint activation.  This can appear in your life as opportunities to release past memories and soul experiences you are holding onto through “automatic re-creation”. As you become more “acutely clear” of these previous creation patterns running in the background of your life, you create space on your timeline to make a new conscious choice, allowing you to choose a new creation and pattern based on the energy of the 5th dimensional timeline of “unconditional love”. As, you consciously choose this new inner reality you “disrupt” the previous unconscious patterns based on fear-lack-separation energies. You step into more conscious empowerment of your Angelic Divine Self shifting your inner power base from a vibration of “fear” to a new higher vibration of “Unconditional Love”.


How do you choose this new timeline of reality?  Ask yourself this question?

What is my deepest fear? Allow your heart to lead you into the inquiry of your deepest wounding.  Ask to be shown this hidden aspect of you that is living in fear energy. Ask this aspect of you to come forward and reveal itself to you. Remain in compassion and non-judgement. Be open to receive it fully and allow it to share its voice and message with you. Embrace this aspect of you with all your heart. Ask for it’s forgiveness. Thank this part of you for holding space for your unhealed emotions and trauma for lifetimes. Then “feel” this aspect merge within your sacred heart space releasing the all the fears/emotions it has carried for you as you embrace and bless it with unconditional love.  


The most powerful gateway portal dates are November 11th and 29th, both represent the frequency of 111111. Engage these energies directly through meditation, prayer, ceremony, ritual or your own way of connecting for reclaiming your inner authority, power and sovereignty.


Blessed Be!

Channelled by Laura Hosford

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