March Full Moon/Equinox Goddess Ceremony 2019

Goddess Full Moon
With Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Black Madonna, Kali, Shekina

Healing & Transformation Meditation with Violet Flame – Letting Go of the Matrix Time Linear Energies

The Full Moon in Libra marks the beginning of a new cycle.

On Wednesday night, the Full Moon occurs very early in the sign of Libra, shortly after the Sun enters Aries. 

Under the light of the March 20-21st Libra Super Moon, we are going to be guided to enter into the new. We are going to be guided to get to zero with ourselves, and to find that place of wholeness that resides within.

This powerful Super Moon followed by the Spring Equinox energies are calling us into a new state of inner wholeness, balance and harmony. To merge with our inner zero point field of light to create a new reality.

Use the powerful moon light beam to highlight your path forward with super clarity of vision and alignment with your divine I AM Avatar Angelic Self. Dive deep into these magnetic lunar energies and ride this powerful new energy wave of light entered the planet to activate your destiny and authentic path. Let go and let God move you forward with ease and grace.

Becoming Fully Committed To Your Destiny – You Hold The Key To Your Own Enlightenment

Channeled by Laura Hosford

You are the energetic gateway into your own destiny, as you walk this new pathway of being your diamond core heart frequency becomes activated by your own hand so to speak, through the anointing of thy own God Self you claim your sovereignty and freedom from enslavement of the matrix.

Your struggle has not been without a cause to break free from this false matrix of linear time-space and for every soul who breaks away it opens the pathway for others to slip out of it’s grip.

As you break out of the mold of enslavement your new destiny arises to greet you likened to the Sun warming the planet it happens very naturally. There are no more struggles just a constant flow of your interior energy wave moving with the harmony of the Universe. Great things await those who are reaching into this new elevated matrix of life on the other side of the great Earth experiment. A new inner world of peace takes flight inside your beingness that cannot be rocked by the previous world matrix. You are not estranged to this inner place of being as it is your true natural state of being.

As you continue to move forward in the days to come your new Earth experience opens into this grander state of flow and highly peaceful presence. Just like all of creation flows from this place of stillness, from the Cosmic Grandmother’s womb. It’s unending flow of love is the point of all creation, which is your natural state of being. As you move further into this state of peaceful presence your ability to manifest also becomes instantaneous.

All things flow to you as if you are a magnet, as your energy field generates miracle upon miracle or so it seems for you are a generator of life force moving in harmony without any obstructions within yourself now. This great changeover within yourself, your human experience only take’s root once you have fully committed to the pathway of “no return to your previous world”, the false time linear matrix. This can be a challenge for your human self because of the fear of leaving family or friends behind you and perhaps feeling a strong pull of guilt or feeling “selfish” about moving forward without them in your new physical reality.

It is important to know that you never really can leave anyone behind “anywhere” because there is no “anywhere to go state”. Only varying degrees of consciousness veil you from another part of “you” or other God sparks. You are all connected to the same source or fabric of life always held eternally within the heart of the One Self or Source of all life. Your connection may seem to disappear on the earth plane, however in the etheric plane you are always connected through the same Divine Source of all life.

There is no struggle, or worry, or anxiety in the new world. No pain or suffering exists. Trust your Sovereign self, your I AM Avatar presence to guide you forward. This is your truest path home to the Light. You are the Light. Love your own light most of all. Love is your true foundation and home eternally without end. Amen.

Blessed Be!

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March Full Moon/Equinox Goddess Ceremony 2019

2 thoughts on “March Full Moon/Equinox Goddess Ceremony 2019”

  1. Laura – sabbath blessings!

    Officially, I have cancelled by monthly subscription for the time being. In doing so I reviewed the
    website and realized there is deep energetic response in my being for Akashic Records/training,
    Magdalene Priestess Circle Training, and travelling to France. This has happened a couple of other
    times as well – yet Life, my own sense of I Am listening – health challenges/orientations, divorce adjustments,
    and supporting my daughter’s wedding in a few weeks have had my attention. It’s always remarkable to me
    how present life and challenges require my attention – and when I experience this ‘pay attention’ LOUD whisper I chuckle, am grateful, and know it is ‘not yet’. So thank you for tending to your own callings, and
    posting information (and being present for phone calls when we can afford them!), to keep the calling dream alive. VERY grateful am I!


    PS I am going to work on writing up an inquiry online that requests country living/retreat living and worker
    to provide hospitality, and cooking/cleaning, etc. Does this sound familiar to you? What language would
    Georgians offer – ranch?! No pressure, just curious.

    Goodness and Beauty accompany us always. GIving thanks.

    1. Thank you Deborah for your kind words sister! I very much look forward to your joining me for a Priestess retreat one day! Akashic Records training when your ready 🙂 Yes, our Higher Self
      will get our attention if we begin to stray off path…LOL…be sure to laugh alot and go easy on yourself through your spiritual awakening! Congratulations on your daughter wedding enjoy it!
      Not sure what we call it in GA…LOL..make up something new! I love your spirit…and please let me know if your coming to GA so we can connect in person…Blessings to you!

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