January 2019 Akasha Energy Report

A fresh new beginning kicks off our year with the highlighted energies of building a new foundation for the next 7 year cycle! We are being up leveled into the higher realms of consciousness through the energies of ‘“focus and compassionate devotion” in 2019!  It is in your ability to utilize and master these energies in 2019 that will move you into more aligned action with your soul purpose, mission and highest destiny!

As, we head into 2019 a “3” year or year of the Trinity, Mother-Father-HUman we will be on a new higher playing field of mastery as co-creators of the New Earth and Golden Age beginning in 2020. The number “3” represents the energies of the optimist, creative visionary, energetic, social, spontaneous. The principle of new growth. When the initiating force of “1” unites with the germinating energy of “2” then “fruitfulness” or “3” is created! It signifies there is a synthesis present of imagination and outpouring of energy in action.

This is the long awaited year for many of us, as lightworkers, empaths and starseeds that we have been working so hard for to “reap the rewards and fruits of our labors”. 2019 is the year will we begin to consistently experience more joy, abundance, happiness, harmony and freedom through creative expression into our lives. We are being highly supported by the Divine through these new creative energies flowing into the New Earth as we continue to anchor and embody our unique Soul light.  

We now have claimed more of our Sovereign nature and are beginning to experience a new level of mastery and self-expression through our creative genus energies. This may manifest as a whole new life direction for you as you release the “old Earth paradigm” energies and begin to play in more of these higher frequencies.  Your inner child is beginning to take root within your human life in a more conscious way that will prompt you into more “periods of creative play and inspiration” in your daily life.

Your new way of being is shifting into more flow and less unconscious rigid patterns of the past opening up new doorways of fresh opportunities that you may never have imagined would manifest for this incarnation. This will truly be a very magical year in 2019 for those who are actively inviting in and engaging with these fresh new energies.

These inspired energies  can show up in your dream time or during your waking hours as moments of acute insights never perceived before or a new highly energized idea that you fall passionately in love with as it calls your heart into engagement with it you find yourself in a growing experience of deep joy!

The old ways and patterns of feeling like you “must, have to, should” energies are quickly dissipating from your hologram. You will continue to move into more flow and space of only doing and acting on what truly resonates for you and what you truly want to engage with. This brings you into a new level of honesty in relationship with yourself and others creating fresh healthy boundaries that supports you taking care of your own needs first so your inner cup is full and hopefully overflowing more of the time. It is from the “overflow” that we give to others and not when our cup is empty or low on reserves.   Your Higher Self is continuing to guide you to walk with more authentic impulses and stay true to your true path!

As you engage more fully with the energies of focus and specifically on what “feels right for you” in making new choices and decisions you cannot go astray.  The energy of “focus” is a masculine energy. It is the center of your attention. It is the ability to adapt to the prevailing level of light and become able to see clearly. So, you will be able to “see more clearly” on what feels right for you.

Compassionate devotion is the divine feminine and mother energy. It means love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person, activity, or cause. It generates loyalty, faithfulness, commitment, dedication, spirituality, godliness and holiness.  Using the energy of devotion combined with the energy of “compassion” gives a double boost to your creations as you generate more heart  empathy, fellow feeling, care, concern, sensitivity, warmth, love, tenderness, mercy, leniency, tolerance, kindness, humanity, charity for yourself and others.

So in summary, with actively engaging in the energies of focus and compassionate devotion you have a powerful combination for upleveling your life in 2019 to reach new heights and potentials as you embody more fully your sacred feminine and masculine qualities.

Blessed Be!

Channelled By Laura Hosford

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