A Higher Perspective on Current World Chaos & Coronavirus

A message from Archangel Michael channeled by Laura Hosford

The world is upside down right now in deep turmoil as the roots of the old world are being literally “uprooted” and vaporized back into nothingness from which it’s essence is returned back to divine source. This opens the world to new fertile ground as new seeds are planted by Divine Mother laying a new foundation for the energies of peace, harmony and true unity consciousness to take root.

Mother Nature holds the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, as she is the pure Goddess energy from which all of life is birthed in the All That Is. The birthing of the New Earth and Golden Age is no accident as there are no “accidents” in creation. The cycle you are now in upon planet Earth is a grand shift in singular vibration that’s impulse of pure creation is un-raveling throughout all of creation.

This outward energy pulse emits a grand wave of Light reaching into the vastness of space bringing forth new life into all dimensions and planes of consciousness everywhere at once. As this grand shift occurs all of life is impacted within the sphere of the one unified field of Divine Source. 

This “changing of the universal guard” so to speak sparks new life everywhere in all living things into a new spectrum wave of light. Places that were dark become light. Places that are light become lighter. All of life is impacted because we are all connected to the one light field also known as the “Akasha” that is the pure creative essence flow of God-Goddess. 

Life as we have known it on planet Earth is now over. Do not grieve but open to the new life energy that is flowing towards you now. Everything is evolving to a higher octave or frequency wave spectrum of light.

You have been through this experience of massive universal change before although you don’t remember it consciously, your Higher Self knows this.

Change is part of Life and you will always be part of change. This is how the Universe works, it is a natural law of the Universe. 

“The essence of Who You Are continues throughout time and space. That is the Law. That is the Law of Change.” The Universal Law of Change elevates our logic to new levels, helping us maintain our balance in the constant movement of daily life, with the knowing that the core of Who We Are does not change”


As energies are uprooted from your foundation, a whirlwind of chaos is created as old energies dissolve and new energy frequencies are dispensed into a volcanic flow of great force, like a river of molten lava of new matter moving deep into the cosmos birthing new life everywhere all at once.

In the blink of a human eye, everything is shifting all at once in the cosmos and all of life is birthed a new again everywhere. The previous energy frequencies of the 3rd dimensional consciousness you have experienced such as fear, worry, doubt, hate, shame, guilt and anger are instantly dissolved back into pure creation energy and recycled back into the cosmos.

The dismantling and dissolving of all previous forms created on the 3rd dimensional earth plane is opening space for new forms to arise in the new evolved frequency “divine love” wave spectrum of Heaven. Your Higher Self is being birthed anew into a new more evolved form of your creation as you flow within this Universal evolutionary expansion.

Your conscious mind cannot direct this creative flow as it is driven from your Superconsciousness or I AM Self and divine soul blueprint. 

Some are destined to remain on this new Earth plane to bring in the new light structures and light forms for the Golden Age. Some of you will ascend with your body deva and move into another part of the Cosmos to reunite with your Star Family or move into a new consciousness realm of soul exploration on your unique pathway.

As you move forward into your next unfolding and eternal destiny of your soul, your inner light grows brighter and  your love grows stronger. As you sojourn towards the Eternal Supreme Light of the One Self and Source of all life you are returning to the Light from which originally birthed you into creation as a “divine spark of light”. 

All is well beloved soul, let go and surrender to the love of the Goddess who is here to guide you home to the light of your Mother-Father Soul.

I then asked Archangel Michael this question in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. What approach and best actions can we take to prevent the spreading and contamination of this virus?

Pray and meditate on your crown chakra to open up this frequency within you of your God-Goddess qualities of: freedom, transmutation, transformation, sovereign divinity and authority your full empowerment of Soul freedom is being activated. 

Send a beam of light upward to connect with your 8th chakra which holds your soul blueprint to activate the frequencies of:

  • right divine action, faith, trust, surrender to your Higher Self and divine team for navigating your way forward.
  • stay centered in your heart space and let go of all expectations or attachments to outcomes of this virus.
  • raise your personal frequency to the level of your crown chakra by shifting your energy and holding this vibration in your field. Bring focus to your crown chakra whenever you feel any “fear rising” inside of you. This will help you shift from the lower vibration of fear (virus energy) that you are empathing from the collective consciousness world womb.  Imagine your crown chakra is a “violet or amethyst” color to raise your vibration to the frequency of your 7th chakra.




A channeled prayer by Laura Hosford


Use this prayer to bring you into a state of peace, calm and grounded awareness of your Soul presence. This prayer expands your 7th and 8th chakras bringing you hope, faith, trust, courage. Speak this prayer up to 3 times to invoke the light of your soul.



Prayer of Light For The New Earth Angel©


I AM the light of God

You are the light of God

All is eternal in the flow of Love

None can be lost or separated from this Light

You are One with the Light

Embrace this truth in your heart

Open to receive more Light

All is well within the Light

Your Light is needed now

Shine forth your great Light

To honor All embrace your Light

Your sweetness flows in this Light, the fragrance of your own soul Light let it shine brighter and brighter!

Eternal bliss is yours in this Light

Claim it now and rise into eternity forever!













You may share this post in it’s full original form with giving credit to Laura Hosford  http://box2306.temp.domains/~laurahos 


Angelic Realm of Light

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