5G Networks, EMF and Radiation – How To Protect Yourself

There is a lot of talk right now about 5G satellites, 5G networks, electromagnetic radiation, EMF Radiation and how it is impacting our health. There have been many public concerns voiced around the rolling out of the 5D wireless network in the world. I personally believe this concern is real on the physical plane and may have real adverse effects on our health.


The key is to know how to protect your energy aura and body from these new emerging fields of EMF energies.  This is NOT something you can ignore or dismiss as you are being “literally radiated” everyday from a variety of technologies.


In addition to the newly arrived 5G wireless are the health concerns over  the rise in “smart-meters” that have been installed over the last few years into our homes and businesses that create a very intense field of radiation exposure that you are living and sleeping in 24/7. Now, there are experts that are confirming the impact of all this radiation on our health. 


I don’t say this lightly and encourage you to do your own research. You can begin by watching this free movie on youtube that talks about the rise of the “smart-meter”.  




There are ways to protect your energy aura and body against these intense energy exposures. We cannot completely get away from these fields but we can take our power back to keep ourselves and families more safe.


We all naturally vibrate on specific frequencies which are right for us. Any external influence, especially the one from such sources as satellites, towers, computers, cell phones, microwaves, in large quantities are of course detrimental to our health.


However, there is help available and there are actions you can take to protect yourself and your family from this exposure to minimize its effect. 


Here are some protection tips to get started with:


  • Buy EMF protection devices and put them on all your phones, computers, electronic devices in your home/office. The one I use is called xZubi. You can order it online and it is not expensive. 



  • I recently purchased EMF protection devices at reasonable  prices on this website. Look at the Golden Fire Generator and Golden Fire Coil to help maintain your energy bio-sphere fields. These are great choices for your office.  They work!




  • Crystals Can Also Help Protect You


Purchase Orgonite, Shungite, and Black Tourmaline and put near your computer, wifi router, in your office and home or where on your body. All contain beneficial metaphysical properties to protect against electrical magnetic fields. 



  • Homeopathic Remedies


Liddell Homeopathic Anti-Tox Electromagnetic EMF Radiation. Description: Detoxifies the body and temporarily relieves symptoms of electromagnetic (EMF) radiation, such as: Recurring fatigue. Disturbed sleep. Frequent headaches. Mental confusion. Nausea Detox. EMF counteracts the ill effects of radiation from computers, cell phones, television sets, power lines, household appliances, etc. Detox EMF restores mental and physical vitality, as well as clears the mind, relieves nausea and irritability. This homeopathic remedy detoxifies the body by stimulating the principal organs of elimination: the liver, kidneys, and bladder. Disclaimer These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. You can find it on Amazon.


  • Limit your wi-fi exposure every day. Use your cell data and turn off the wi-fi field. Turn on “airplane mode” at night and turn off your wi-fi. Children are even more sensitive to these energies than adults! Please limit their use of phones and I pads 🙂


  • Essential Oils can Raise Your Vibration 

You can raise your vibration with the use of essential oils (applied topically). I personally use Young Living Oils as they are very pure. A healthy human body vibrates at range of 62 to 68. 


Rose Oil – 320

Frankencense – 147

Lavendar – 118 





  • Exchange your Smart Meter for a digital meter that doesn’t emit ongoing spurts of radiation into your home/office. Go to this website for more information about dangers of Smart Meter and check out the health dangers from experts. Also ways to shield your home and family from the radiation.





  • Wear one ounce of gold on your body. (10 to 24 carat) and program it every morning to protect your energy body and aura. Here is a great article that was shared with me about how real gold can protect us. 



Another powerful antidote is to spend time in nature, around trees, water, rivers, ocean connecting with your feet to the Earth flushes out harmful energies from your body and aura bringing you back into balance.  The Schumann Resonance is a continuous tone or frequency of Mother Earth. It is an energetic pulse that emits a frequency or electromagnetic pulse that acts as a tuning fork giving life to humanity and all the ecosystems that exist upon its planetary body.


As humans we are constantly being “returned” by the Schumann resonance (also known as the Krystal river that flows through you) as our matter and antimatter aspects of the human energy system are constantly in a state of exchange. Matter (blood and bone) and antimatter (ethereal energy, chi, kundalini) exchange places if you will. In truth, the blood and bone transforms or alchemises into the cosmic ambrosia and vice versa. This is taking energy from the cosmos through the crown chakra and anchoring energy from the Earth through the base chakra/soles of the feet. This ongoing exchange of energy is constant. 


Check in with your intuition and Higher Self to guide you in choosing the best options for creating a healthy and safe space for you, your family, home, office and everywhere you go. It’s time for us to take our power back!

Written by Laura Hosford, Founder of The Light Leaders Academy




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