A Prophetic Message From Saint Peter about The New World Womb

A Prophetic Message From Saint Peter about The New World Womb

Today I want to share a prophetic message of hope and vision for humanity that came through me about two weeks ago. It was a message that came from the collective womb of the world, delivered by Saint Peter, through me.

Recently, my spiritual gift of being a seer began to open up to a new level.  This is a gift that I have struggled with opening, because of the experiences in my past lives, and my being killed for sharing my visions publicly.

It is not easy to be a sacred rebel Goddess archetype; however, she has been awakened within me to a new level, as my devotion to Divine Mother is kicked up to another notch, to protect all of life – especially children, seniors, the disabled, and all innocents.

The Fierce Feminine Is Alive and Well…

With the recent events that are rapidly taking place here in the United States and around the world regarding proposals and discussions… to force us to take a vaccine for Covid-19… is very concerning to me. A recent bill has been proposed to Congress to require everyone to be tested.  And if someone tests positive in the family, they or their children will be removed from the home.

Removed from the home?  Why, and where will they be taken?  
It is time for ALL to wake up and begin to see this for what it is: projection of fear, blown up out of proportion, in an attempt to keep us in separation, and living in the fear zone of unhealthy patterns.
We must ALL take a stand to renounce the control, domination, manipulation energy and the attempts to take away our sovereignty and the divine will, which is to live our lives in peace and love.
I do feel an inner urgency for us to take actions …NOW… to reclaim our divine sovereignty.  Freedom is an important element for us, so that we can usher in the Unity consciousness, for everyone.
You can do this privately and in a peaceful way, by claiming your divine sovereignty through a process that I put together with a prayer that I channeled from Saint Germain.  The more of us who come together to stand up now and claim “no more” to these energies of control, domination, manipulation and force… the faster they will cease to be present in our lives.
 Watch the video here, to activate the divine sovereign process.


We, the light workers, star seeds and way showers came to this planet to stop the cycle of violence. We came to free the people from a slavery system and lead them to know the truth.
 The Truth Always Prevails…

The Light and Love we hold in our hearts, along with the love of Divine Mother, is going to trump all of these fear energies. Yes, the Light has won in the upper realms; however, it is still playing out on the Earth plane. I feel a responsibility to share with you the ways we can bring peace and freedom to the planet sooner. 
Below is the channeled message I received. It does begin with bringing you into the darkness of humanity and the “dark night of the soul” humanity is in now to rebirth our new reality. It does not shield you from the truth of our dark history. Reading these few words may trigger deep painful emotions within you. Just read and breathe slowly to stay in your body. You can ask your Angels and divine guides to hold you in light, love, and safety. The end of the message brings hope with our knowing that peace does prevail for humanity, in the end.
I am not your science experiment! Stop forcing me beyond my will!

Trauma buried deep inside, human mold is torn, ripped open, oozing blood, a gaping hole for all to see, healing has begun you’ll see.

A night’s shadow has passed, the moon is bright, it tells not… but all will see its message soon.
Big bright sky holds the stars, the home to all shall come to pass, a new entrance unfolds for all to see, open your heart and let it be.
The sparrow cries into the night: “Justice for all is their birthright.”
 A new song emerges, you will see.
The creator dawns a new day, the sun will rise into a new light.
Your time has come. Come home indeed, to a new chapter for the human race.
Your mind is ready, your heart is pure. Come into the light, your soul draws near.
A child is born in the night sky, there is a new twinkling in their eye.
A master, a slave become one… for the holy work is done.
Mother, Father, Child become one.
It is done. Come home to grace, all are ONE.

I welcome your comments, experiences and sharing! Remember: you are already divine, whole and perfect. You are Love and Light! Let the rest go and choose to radiate your beautiful soul! Your heart knows the way home. Allow it to lead you!
Please continue to pray for peace and good to prevail, for all of humanity. Pray for those who have not yet awakened and are still deep in their shadow. Be blessed, my friends!

Note About Saint Peter
Saint Peter, also known as Simon Peter, Simeon, Simon, Cephas, or Peter the Apostle, was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ, and the first leader of the early Church. Roman Catholic tradition holds that Jesus established St. Peter as the first pope.  Jesus also gave him “the keys of the kingdom of heaven”  which is why he is often thought to guard the gates and entrance into Heaven. 

Goddess Love and Blessings!

Channeled by Laura Hosford, Light Leaders Academy

You may share this post when shared in full and not altered and give credit to http://box2306.temp.domains/~laurahos 

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