The Sacred Marriage of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

The Sacred Marriage of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

I received this channeled message today from Jesus also known as Yeshua or Sananda.

We are entering into a great period on our planet that was begun two thousand years ago when Jesus and Mary Magdalene came together to model the principle of the “Sacred Marriage”. The Sacred Marriage is based on equality between men and women, bringing together the divine masculine and feminine energies into balance within the Self, which allows one to enter into true enlightenment and the Kingdom of Heaven within. Jesus said “when you make the two ONE and the inner as the outer and the outer as the inner, the above as the below, so you make the male and female into a single ONE, in order that the male isn’t made male and the female made female…then shall you enter the Kingdom” (22:9-21).

When we bring the feminine and masculine polarities into balance within the Self we create the inner balance to enter into “the peace that surpasses all understanding”. Jesus represented the Divine Masculine and Mary Magdalen represented the Divine Feminine in the Sacred Union as partners, as equals and as Husband and Wife. They both individually obtained this inner sacred union and balance of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine which was mirrored in their external lives as a model for us to know the way and truth to enlightenment.

At the time of Jesus and Mary Magdalene the concept of “equal partnership” between a man and a women could not be realized by mankind due to the level of consciousness on the Earth. Now, that the collective consciousness is being raised and as we individually enter into becoming rooted in the 5th dimension we can embody this concept and truth bringing it into our physical reality.

This was the true goal of Jesus and Mary Magdalene mission 2000 years ago to “plant the seed” of this sacred union concept and now it is going to be realized in the Golden Age upon us. As we move into 2018 waves of divine love are being brought to the planet by the great Divine Mother. These high frequency waves of divine love (Christos) will awaken millions of hearts across the planet opening the gates for true sacred union for those who choose the path of enlightenment and true spiritual freedom.

For every person who opens their heart to embrace this truth we move one step closer to the realization of a mass ascension on the Earth 

 Laura Hosford, Founder of The Light Leaders Academy


Channeled on December 12, 2017

2 thoughts on “The Sacred Marriage of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine”

  1. I believe it…I had a vision of Her, Mary, through a candle flame one evening as I was meditating. I was still unsure of whether I believed in Mary being my Goddess, but that night, as I was sitting in my recliner I looked over at the candles and after I blinked I saw Her: standing outside the mouth of a cave, at the top of a hill, overlooking either a meadow or the sea (it was as if I were looking through a curtain so I couldn’t tell), but for an instant I felt Her heart and that infinite Love she feels for her Partner and felt the excitement she felt, knowing someday she would be with Him again. It was like I was looking into the past which is why i used the past tense of excitement describing her anticipation, but present tense for the Love because She still loves Him to this day.

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