Healing Our Shadow Masculine

Hello Akashic Adventurers! We just finished our July group call and I wanted to share a new process that came through tonight while I accessed my Akashic Records. It was very interesting because it seems while I was “mining” my own Akashic records for an issue that seems “personal” to me I was shown by the Akashic Record Keepers a much bigger universal picture that applies to all of us at some deeper level.  

I was shown by the records that our seemingly “personal” issues are only reflections of the shadow masculine energy that has been running humanity (the collective consciousness) for millions of years on this planet. We have lived in this “imbalanced” state without the sufficient amount of “divine feminine” energy to balance our inner state creating all kinds of misperceptions and distortions leading to creating many false aspects within ourselves.
Over several generations of living from a state of imbalance we poured lot’s of energy into these false aspects and they became more “real” to us than our true divine nature. These false aspects and negative patterns became ingrained in our human DNA.

I asked the records: How do we heal this collective pattern of the shadow masculine for ourselves and all of humanity now?

Akashic Records answer. We must balance the divine feminine with the shadow masculine energies to reach the zero point field of Unity. We must first bring inner balance to ourselves  to heal our own personal energy bodies – mental/emotional/physical/spiritual. Every person that does this “heals” not only themselves but the collective consciousness is shifted back to original vibration of love. Each one of us must bring our energies into balance with love, forgiveness and compassion of all the lifetimes where the Divine Feminine was not honored, respected, bullied, beaten, torchured, killed, repressed, hated and feared by the shadow masculine.

 Heal and bring Balance to yourself now. We ask for our divine feminine energy to heal our pain, loss, abuse, abandonment, and deep trauma. She is our Divine Mother of the Universe and from her womb came the birth of creation itself came all of the original energies so she calls those energies back to her with a full loving embrace like a mother holding her baby infant in her arms of embrace restoring the original design without flaws or imperfections all is restored to inner balance again. We are being asked to trust, surrender, release and receive her loving care of our new Earth being birthed in this very moment.

The Akashic Records gave me this healing process to help you restore your inner balance:

*Forgive– yourself and everyone else for all of the past experiences
*Release-ask for your past slate to be wiped “clean”
*Receive– the unconditional love of the Divine Mother into your sacred heart/body/aura filling your energies bodies up 100% with the highest light of the Akasha.

As you apply this process to each pattern or problem that arises in your Akashic Records exploration you are shifting your energy field into a state of inner balance returning to the ‘zero point field” out of duality and returning to living in a state of pure love and wholeness!

Remember your Soul lives through “you”, so the “divine part of you” responds to your healing request and once you ask your healing begins. You are the creator of your life and have the internal power to heal your life.

Remember the Divine Feminine fifth dimensional energies are here on the planet now however we must ask and choose to work with these energies by inviting them back into our life to heal ourselves fully returning us to our true self. Each individual must now choose their own path forward to complete their inner work and ascend into the fifth dimension or not. 

Akasha Love and Blessings!
Laura Hosford, Master Akashic Guide & Soul Light Seer

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