How I found The Akashic Records or Did They Find Me?

The Akashic Records find me…my own personal journey to a new beginning….

In September 2013, I began receiving emails from a lady in California who was teaching classes on becoming a certified Akashic Record Practitioner. I didn’t know how I got on her email list however I kept receiving emails month after month and at some level heard my inner voice saying “I must find out about these Akashic Records”! Over the Christmas holidays in December, 2013 I took a trip with my family to Asheville, North Carolina. While I was in Asheville I visited a favorite metaphysical store. They were having a sale on all of their natural gems and jewelry. After looking at all the jewelry I became very attracted to a necklace and ring set that seemed to be calling to me. I asked the clerk if I see the set and then tried the ring on which fit perfectly!

I decided the Universe intended for me to own this jewelry set so I purchased it right away. I was curious about the gem properties of the set and asked for the gem book. I started reading; a stone of transformation, Laboradorite is a useful companion through change, imparting strength and perseverance, balances and protects the aura, raises consciousness and grounds spiritual energies and assists in communication with higher guides and spirits in accessing Akashic Records! What? Wow! I knew without a doubt that this gem was meant for me to own and another sign from my higher self to connect with the Akashic Records! I was so excited to receive this message that immediately upon returning home I went to Barnes & Noble to look for a book on Akashic Records.

My life is forever changed…..

On the shelf of Barnes & Noble were 2 copies of “How To Read Your Akashic Records” by Linda Howe. I purchased the book and went home to immediately begin reading it. I could feel the excitement begin mounting in my body and my mind began racing as I knew without any doubt this book would be life changing for me in my spiritual quest. By the following day I had read the first four chapters of the book and felt very compelled to sign up for the on-line class that was starting in a couple of weeks. As I checked in with my higher self I felt my heart pounding and the excitement begin to grow inside sensing a strong “yes” to proceed with signing up for the class.

During the first on-line class I remember vividly my very first experience of opening my personal Akashic Records. It was a thrilling and life changing experience as I did not realize how connected I was to the Akashic Records. I remember closing my eyes and clairvoyantly seeing myself inside a library with many books on shelves all around me going up to the ceiling and infinite rows into the distance. I glimpsed a small fleeting image of one of the Akashic Record keepers out in the library. I then saw a blank journal in front of me with a pen in my right hand. I heard a very strong distinct male voice say to me “welcome to the records Laura B Hosford we will be working with you”! Whoa!! Who was that speaking to me that literally blew me out of my chair?

My spiritual quest continues to unfold with the Akashic Records….

As I continued to study the Akashic Records for the next several months working in my own personal records becomes my priority as I learn more about myself, my spiritual gifts, my life purpose and my past lives I begin to finally feel like more of the puzzle pieces are coming together for the very first time on my journey! This was not only exciting but a very healing time for me as I discovered the “why’s, what’s and even who’s” about my personal life, my family, my work relationships in current time and past lives. I now knew based on my own experience of working in the Akashic Records this was the path of healing and personal consciousness development I had been seeking as it reasonated so deeply with my soul always uplifting me and bringing me to “instant peace of mind”. Working and exploring in the Akashic Records feels like it is my true spiritual home in some way I cannot explain it I just know it!

The healing gifts of the Akashic Records…..

As I continued to work for months in my own personal Akashic Records my life began to shift into experiencing more positivity in all my relationships including family, friends and at work. I noticed that family and work patterns about “control dynamics” and “co-dependent” relationships were changing as I was doing the work to heal these deep patterns in my own life. As I developed healthier boundaries my relationships improved and I had more internal respect for myself now being reflected in my daily decisions. I also released a lot of emotions including sadness, anger and depression that dominated most of my life. I discovered compassion and healing answers to deep questions about my divorce (after 30 years of marriage) and losing my dream home and a major job of 10 years. These were all significant turning points in my spiritual healing quest that once I understood the deeper meaning I began to understand the “why” I was able to forgive myself and others which enabled me to release the feelings of major loss and sadness inside.

The Akashic Records made all of this healing possible because it’s source is infinite Divine Light of Love and Truth from the highest realms of Heaven and the Cosmos.

As I continue to move forward on my spiritual journey to know my “authentic self” at even deeper levels the Akashic Records and my Divine Team have proved to be an invaluable resource of my souls wisdom, truth and loving kindness always ready to support and guide me in every moment. I am so blessed!  

My prayer for you is to experience the beautiful light of your own soul and to know yourself   in more deeper and fulfilling ways of expressing your authentic self in happiness and joy!

Many blessings of love and light to you!


To experience the light and love of the Akashic Records Realms of Light contact Laura Hosford for more information.

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