Akashic Records July Ascension Update

Akashic Records July Ascension update channeled by Laura Hosford, Master Akashic Guide & Soul Light Seer on July 1, 2016.

Question: What important spiritual information or guidance can you give us to follow for July, 2016 regarding our Earth Ascension process?

There will be great pressure felt by everyone on your planet to open and receive more light particles to progress the evolution of your society.  Most will not understand what is happening on the internal realms of the astral plane they will just feel a inner urge to open themselves at the core level of their being. This will cause their personal vibration frequency to increase slightly carrying them into forward movement further onto their ascension path. Some souls may decline this awaking opportunity and choose to leave your planet to return in another incarnation.  There is no judgement on any soul for their decision to remain on the planet or leave. All souls are being guided by their higher self presence even if they are not fully aware yet.

The evolution of your planet is being thrust forward through September at an accelerated rate acting as a catalyst to propel the first wave of ascension light workers into the “christ consciousness”. These souls will move into their light body fully conscious and vibrating with the 5th dimensional light matrix. They will begin their inner walk as Ascended Masters upon the new earth realm fully awake and integrated with their ascended multi-dimensional self.  Many will be guided into preparing for implementing their divine mission and sacred contracts starting in 2017.  Some may be called to leave their jobs or move to a new physical location to join with partners or their soul community of light. They will begin to receive downloads of specific instructions and details regarding their sacred contracts with Heaven made prior to this incarnation. 

These newly ascended masters manifestation abilities will be supercharged requiring great personal responsibility of their thoughts, actions, deeds, and words will be almost instantaneous on the earth plane. A default mechanism will be given to them to allow a delay or pause of any action that may not result in the “intended” manifestation so upon awareness they can reverse or cancel out the thought, word or action to prevent the actual  physical manifestation in form.

Those souls who are now ready to ascend must now TRUST themselves and the divine plan to move forward into the Christ consciousness state. Their can be no doubts or fears as this will derail you off the path until you can reach this inner state. Once the first wave of light workers reach the Christ Consciousness their expanded state will  create another opening for the next wave to follow in 2017 to 2019.  

Stay true to your souls path and guidance by including daily prayer and meditation to raise your awareness of any lower dense energies and ask your Ascended Multi-Dimensional team to help you release and replace those energies with Divine Love and Light of the Creator, All That Is. Remain steadfast in your missions and know we are with you.

Love, your Akashic Records Wisdom Keepers


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